Once in a Lifetime

Balinese Procession And Dance

puri banyuning danceThe sounds of traditional gamelan orchestra always accompany the elegant movements of Balinese dancers. The kind of instrument vary from traditional metallophone to drums, and there are some instruments made of bamboo or wood. There are always dances performed for big ceremonies in the villages or in the palaces. For the Balinese, any dances are not only movements, during special ceremonies they are considered as offering to Gods or ancestors.

You will enjoy various kind of dances and performance during your visit to Puri Banyuning Bongkasa. The Balinese love to do to watch performances in their daily life, as dances is part on many rituals.

Mother take children to learn and to watch dances, you could see how they enjoy perfomance in their own way. Actually, many things happened before and around the stage of perfomance.

Besides these perfomance a photo session with the royal family og Bongkasa is a rare oppurtunity your could have. The next cultural step is the life of Balinese palace. Offerings in Bali are always made of natural objects, and women are usually the markers. This is a common scene during everyday life in Bali.

Almost everyday, the Balinese, especially in the palace or the Brahmin residence, read the verses of holy scriptures, from Mahabarata, Ramayana epic, or passive spectators, the dance learning session is possibly another aspect of your once in a life time experience.

Try to move your hand and fingers in delicate manner as the Balinese dancers do. But dances are not the whole aspects of Balinese strong tradition. Traditional visual art is another. Craftsmanship has Made Bali very famous, because the island produce a wide range of traditional and modern art handycrafts, for decorate purpose or souvenirs. The only thing you need to have for taking those souvenirs home is your bargain skill. Find the souvenirs you like, and see which one get cheapest price !!

Cocktail Parties And Dinning

puri banyuning cocktail partiesCulture is also reflected in the dishes. balinese believe that the love comes from the sight and the food. Try those cakes and cookies, find out how people could fall in love by them. Believe it or not, selling cookies is an old customs for girls to find the love of life in Bali.

Its particular rice cultivitation system has make Bali famous for centuries, and Puri Banyuning Bongkasa, in the old days, was an important centre of rice cultivation system. Balinese rice is not only staple food, but the taste of original Balinese riceis delicious.

There is is always a variety of dishes for your plate. Bite some Balinese cuisine for you to make this experience complete. Balinese food is sometimes hot and spicy, but you can always ask the staff to choose a milder dish for you.

Traditional Wedding Ceremony

puri banyuning weddingPuri Banyuning Bongkasa - A perfecet and idyllic place to arrange an unforgettable wedding ceremony and wedding reception

Couples who wish to arrange their wedding arrangements could experience this perfect event of a lifetime according to the couple's religious believe or to simply tying the knot for the exchange of the second vows of love and devotion.

Afterwards, in A Royal Custom-designed Balinese Wedding blessing ceremony could then be arrange.